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Our projects serve to promote community cohesion, reduce social isolation and preserve arts and heritage across the U.K. We have been consistently delivering projects and exhibitions since 2012. Read on for information on our past projects,


Opal22 produces exhibitions to bridge the juncture between heritage and local community. Information and images of each are presented below. For more information please use the contact details section of our website.

Black Feathers

Black Feathers

Black Feather was a project developed to commenorate the World War One and the Soldiers the fought. We chose to highlight the stories of the Caribbean Soldiers and their family left behind.

Life of Shaka

We are working to inspire young and emerging theatre makers to create a ground breaking piece that can highlight the life of Shaka Zulu in a contemporary format.



Rejimi was a celebration of our refugee community and everything they bring to us that benefits our cultural development, using dance and spoken word to tell the stories of these brave individuals

Am I Allowed

Am I Allowed

Participants will have the chance to take part in online conferences with leading experts in the field as well as meet famous authors such as Patrice Lawrence, Catherine Johnson, Alex Wheatle, Bali Rai, Courtia Newland, and others. Leicester’s Central Library will again play host to the debate series.

Knowledge of the Unseen

Knowledge of the Unseen was a project to link the community and the museum together and allow people to reinterpret objects of African Culture that had never been seen outside of the museum stores before.


Get involved in our online book club, aimed a young people aged between 12- 16 year. Negritude utiliises the works of our award winning BAME authors from across the world and enables the young people to have fun while they learn, by running weekly creative workshops online.

Rhythms of Windrush

Rhythms of Windrush was a way for us to be able to take music derived from the Windrush generation to the wider public. We choose a white working class area to run this project and enabled the young people to take part in Steel Pan lesson and to sing and play along side a local Ska band.

Lets Debate

Join us on our online debates and conferences: Get involved with our live debates, have your say and discuss your view with the experts.

Fashioning The City

Fashioning the City was a project that enable the young people to identify with there locate surroundings and look at the historical format of where they live and develop this information in to a play.

Memos of the Mind

Memos of the Minds was a project to highlight the issues surrounding Young people and Mental Health. Within this project we took over the Curve Theatre and provided workshops in Music, Spoken Word, Dance and Sport. Included we consultants from Mental health agencies around the city whowhere there for guidance and support.

Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale allowed to reach out to the musical gifted within the female community. The group took part in song writing and music session working with a live band. Each participant created one tune that was then recorded within at HQ Recording Studio Leicester.

Dear Sue

Dear Sue was developed to showcase the work of Leicester very own Sue Townsend author of Adrian Mole.

Inventions of Colour

Inventions of Colour came about out of a need to showcase the intervention of Black inventors to the world at large. This exhibition showed the inventions of Pre Historica Africa right up to the inventions of today and had its first home within Gateway College being showcased to a youth audience.

Together We Won The War

Together We Won the War was developed in Partnership with TREC (The Race Equality Centre) to showcase the resources and man power that was given in support of Britain within World War One from the India, Caribbean and African continents.

What Do You See When You Look At Me?

Opal 22 project sheet Opal 22 project sheet 50% 10 What do you see, When you look at me? This exhibition challenged the viewer to understand their own misconceptions and stereotpyes that we all develop throughout society. Screen reader support enabled. What do you see, When you look at me? This exhibition challenged the viewer to understand their own misconceptions and stereotpyes that we all develop throughout society. Tara Munroe has left the document.

Video Showcase

See some of our latest projects in action

Negritude Project 1:55

Negritude is the second of our debate programmes. This programme is new for 2019/2020. Negritude is a literary movement. In the 1930’s and 1940’s black writers in Paris made the conscious effort for their cultural identities to shine across the Parisian literary scene.

Rhythms of Windrush Project 5:28

A project developed by Opal22 Arts and Edutainment for budding singers, songwriters, music producers, and videographers. Aged between 16-25 years The project, which has been funded by the Arts Council England.

Femme Fatale Showcase 41:26

The project leader is been Joyce Bebberley Harris hailing from a family of singers Bebberley is a talented singer, backing vocalist, vocal coach, Diana Ross tribute act and recording artist from Leicester.

Dear Sue Youth Theatre 40:01

Dear Sue was a Youth Theatre Production presented by Opal22 Arts and Edutainment. To mark the incredible talent of Sue Townsend and some of her plays, the group have set their responses in the form of a play within a play.

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