Knowledge of the Unseen

For this programme, we linked with Leicester and Derby museum service and they allowed our community group to handpick five artifacts of African heritage that the museums had no information on, were dontated prior to 1930, and had never left the stores. We followed this up with our own independent research and visits to the British Museum, Black History Studies Group, National Archives, and British Library. Our community group were then encouraged to contact experts from universities and research institutions from across the world, particularly Africa.

The most engaging aspect of the project was the greater perspective we gained into the social history of the artifacts. Initially, the only information available was from British sources who lacked any significant knowledge of the objects, but our research brought forward a much clearer picture of why they were made, for who they were made, how they were made, and what they can tell us about historical African communities.

This was concluded with a documentary detailing the entire process and an exhibition at New Walk Museum, attracting visitors from across the country.

Knowledge of the Unseen Exhibition

This exhibition was designed to showcase the prosperity that was prevenant within the African continent before the rise of colonialism.

We challenged the prospectives of the African continent being less than and uncivilised. We not only looked at the project, but we used the object to tell us about the people that created them, to get an idea of the social history within the areas where the objects where from.

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Knowledge of the Unseen

Documentary This documentary was put together to show the background to the project
and the reaction of the volunteers to their finding and
the journey of knowledge that they embarked on throughout the project.

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